About VKH in English

Vysokoškolské Katolické Hnutí Ostrava is a group of young people and students who are studying at The VSB – Technical University of Ostrava or at The University of Ostrava or they have graduated from university recently. The motto VKH is “Benefit from yourself the best you can do” and so we do. Therefore VKH offers to the students a community where a young person can share its faith, can also self-educate in many aspects or can have fun in a group of young cristian people. Together, we praise the Lord, sing, talk or we go on trips.

If you have time, do not hesitate to come, have a look and participate. Everyone is more than welcomed.
Our sessions and student’s Holy Mass take place every Tuesday in St. Cyril and Methodius’s Church in Ostrava – Pustkovec. The Mass starts at 7 p.m.

If you have any questions, please, contact us via Facebook, Instagram or by writing on email address info@vkhostrava.cz. We will be pleased to answer you.